Home Daily Bible Readings

Sun.   Feb. 16,  Praying and Living the Lord’s Prayer,

       Matthew 6:9-15 

Mon.  Feb. 17,  Daniel Prays despite Legal Prohibition,

    Daniel 6:6-13

Tue.  Feb. 18, God Forms the Holy Nation,

       Ezekiel 36:22-28

Wed.  Feb. 19,  Jesus Prays for Future Believers,

           John 17:20-26

Thu.  Feb. 20,  The Holy Spirit Empowers Believers,

       Acts 1:6-11

Fri.  Feb. 21,  Justice for Those Who Pray Fervently,

   Luke 18:1-8

Sat.  Feb. 22, Ask and It Is Yours!,

     Matthew 7:7-11

Sun.   Feb. 23, Ask, Search, and Knock!,

      Luke 11:5-13 




Adult Quarterly – 2020 – Month of February

 Unit III - Jesus Teaches about True Worship

February 2 – Passing the Test, Matthew 4:1-11 

February 9 – The Pitfalls of Showing Off, Matthew 6:1-8

February 16 – Ask for What Really Matters, Matthew 6:9-15

February 23 – Making the Request, Luke 11:5-13

A Closing Thought:
The 23rd Psalm has sometimes been called the Psalm of the Shepherd with the Crook. 

The “crook” relates to the part of the shepherd’s staff that is curved.  This Psalm lies between the Psalm of the Cross and the Psalm of the Crown.  If Psalm 22 tells us of the Good Shepherd who died for His sheep, then Psalm 23 tells of the Chief Shepherd who is coming again to receive His sheep into the eternal home.  Psalm 23 tells us of the Great Shepherd who lives to guide, provide, protect, comfort, and cheer the sheep of His pasture.